Do You KNOW Yourself?


Our  2015-16 Convocation featured the amazing Angela Maiers who brought to light the importance of acknowledging that each of us have something special and unique that is valued. Too often we choose the easy path of invisibility and stay safely in our comfort zone. We have been motivated, even challenged, this year to step away from the norm and realize the genius in each of us. Equally, our students have unique contributions to bring to our class, our campus, and our community. Let this be the year of empowerment for both, teachers and students alike, at White Oak ISD.

Boardmaker Makes it Easy


Boardmaker Achieve is a program that was invaluable last year as we were constructing classroom assessments for some of our students. More than 200,000 teachers come here to share their creations. Many of these activities are tied directly to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Take the time to search through the shared lessons here and then adapt them to your own classroom needs.

TEA Revision to Math TEKS

The State Board of Education (SBOE) has legislative authority to adopt the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each subject of the required curriculum. The recommendations were developed by the mathematics TEKS review committees that were appointed by members of the SBOE. These drafts are based on the Commissioner’s Draft of the Mathematics Standards. Click on the picture above for a copy of the changes to Math TEKS from Kindergarten – Fifth grades.


2010-08-01_1238I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit the new White Oak Elementary Blog. If you have children in Primary and/or Intermediate School, then you can find everything that you need right there in that one location. Just what will you find there?   Well just for starters:

  • Primary and Intermediate Calendar combined
  • School Supply Lists for PreK-5
  • Printable 2010-2011 School Calendar
  • Monthly Cafeteria Menus for Breakfast and Lunch
  • Roughneck Recognition Links for Primary and Intermediate
  • Direct Links to EVERY Primary and Intermediate Teacher’s Blog

We will be adding so much more during the coming school year including pictures, stories, announcements, etc.  It is the goal of White Oak Elementary to keep our community and school connected in order to create the strongest educational environment we can for children.

I suggest that you go right now and enter your email on top left side of that new blog.  This will subscribe you so that you will receive emails each time something new is posted. Do not miss out on your child’s school day.


4th Grade GT Students

Our 4th grade gifted and talented students took this season a step further this week when they brought pumpkins “punked out” as their favorite person(s). These students are members of Mrs. Carrington’s Bright Spots, and you can read all about them and their interests on their class blog. There is no denying that this group is not only academically talented, but creatively exceptional as well. You may visit Mrs. Elder’s library to view all of these pumpkins. Thank you for sharing with us.

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FERPA? Confidentiality?


I am very encouraged by all of you who have already taken the initiative to complete the FERPA Confidentiality and the Bloodborne Pathogen Courses. I have printed out your certificates of completion, and you will be receiving them during our first week of inservice.

For those of you who have not had the time yet to complete this training, the courses can be found on The VIEW (Virtual Intermediate Education at White Oak). I have sent you an email telling you how to access and complete the Confidentiality course. If you need me to forward it to you again, that will absolutely be no problem at all. Just let me know.

The opportunity to participate in this type of curriculum will provide the experience necessary when we begin to share and instruct our own students.  At White Oak all of our teachers are “self-learners” and are exemplary in helping our students to develop into “self-learners”.


Help – You Need Somebody?


This school year is right upon us, and it is sure to bring with it a lot of changes. I know this because as I begin my 26th year in education there has never been a year yet that did not bring with it a lot of changes. That being said, I can also say that there has never been a school year yet that the teachers at White Oak Intermediate School did not accept and master all new challenges by the time that May rolled around.  It is that kind of character and courage that makes me so excited about the 2009-2010 school year.


You see, I begin a new job assignment at White Oak this year, and I am excited about the challenges.  As in years past, I will continue to wear many hats.  As the campus Testing Coordinator,  I have designed my website to provide information for teachers, parents, and community.  I encourage you to visit it for yourself and let me know if there is information missing that you would like to see included.  I have separate pages linked for each grade level so that parents and teachers do not have to sort through to find information specifically targeted for them. These websites are not yet fully developed, but will be undergoing changes as the year progresses.  I also have a Teacher Feature page that will spotlight a single teacher.  Watch for who will appear throughout the year.  Because our students also deserve recognition, you will also find a Student Feature page. It is because of the students that we find fulfillment in our positions.


My new blog, Don’t Get Testy!, will have posts in three categories – Teacher Interests, Student Interests, and Random Interests. At the top of my blog page, you will always find the campus calendar with the complete agenda for our students and staff.  Teacher Interests posts will relay information that I receive to the faculty. I suggest that you subscribe to this blog and read these postings to be kept abreast of any new information regarding testing and education that I might receive and pass on.  Student Interests posts will include some blog challenges this year and will also elicit responses from our student population as well as student populations outside our classroom walls.  We can no longer be confined by this building, nor should we expect our students to be.  Random Interests will be precisely that – my random thoughts. These will not necessarily be the position of our school, but rather my personal views on matters of importance to me.


I will continue to serve at the Response to Intervention Manager and maintain those records in my office. Links to our intervention team’s webpages are also included on my website.  Parents will be encouraged to visit those to get a better understanding of what their children are being offered through RtI.


Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of my job will be the opportunity to directly work with the staff in the use of technology in the classroom.  Already I have met with third grade teachers, and I am watching them swiftly develop virtual curriculum for their students across all subjects. Other teachers are also meeting during the summer months and planning to use technology this year in the classroom.  We will be introducing our campus’s own Moodle site during our inservice days in August. This site, The VIEW – Virtual Intermediate Education at White Oak – will be the hub of our virtual curriculum, and we encourage you to visit its pages and register for a new account so that you and your students can share in its benefits.

The person and life buoySo – Help? Do you need somebody? I will make every attempt to be available to you to help you with your website, blogs, Moodle lessons, or any other project that might involve the use of technology.  Grade levels are already developing experts in some of these areas, and with each bit of knowledge gained, we are better able to spread that knowledge to our teaching family and therefore to our students.  All you have to do is call…..or in the case of the 21st century classroom, just email, text, or IM……..and I’ll be there.

Bring on the challenges!help2