You Are Amazing!

As our teachers and students prepare for upcoming state assessments, it bears to acknowledge that the growth that has been made thus far this year is amazing. Instruction is being driven by data and student performance on recent benchmarks, and weaknesses are being cultivated into strengths. I am very proud to be a part of the incredible team that is White Oak Intermediate School.

Mistakes are Welcomed Here


The teachers at White Oak Intermediate have gone through two years of Angela Maiers’ on-site training, as well as had an opportunity to participate in Mitzi Neely’s book study of Angela Maiers’ book. I want to take just a moment to remind all of our teachers that YOU MATTER.

We are nearing the end of the first nine weeks period, and no matter how much planning and preparation, mistakes are destined to be made. Remember when we called these “teachable moments?” Well, they still are, and we need to embrace these. How can we liberate our genius without some failures? Nothing works perfectly on the first attempt. Check your history books if you think this is a false statement.

So the next time you read negative comments and attacks on your profession all over social media, whether personal or generalized to the entire teaching profession, do not be discouraged at the lack of respect given to your passion or efforts. Remember: (1)You are the one in the classroom with over twenty young minds, all at different academic and behavioral levels. (2)You are the one to whom they look for guidance and knowledge. (3)You have much to contribute to this invaluable task. (4)You are allowed to make mistakes because you are #liberatinggenius


Our Teams are Super!


We recently posted pictures of our Summer Math Heroes, but those are not the only heroes on our campus. As you walk down the hallways, you will immediately recognize the mutual respect and commitment of our teachers to all of our students. They plan together and work together to maximize every learning moment of the day. There are no better teaching teams in Texas than those at White Oak Intermediate.

Our Teacher have Inner Super Powers!

I Believe


On the campuses of White Oak ISD, you will see the word “Believe” in several locations. I see it in gymnasiums, hanging over the thresholds of doorways, and even on the backs of teachers’ cars in the parking lot. There is no doubt that our teachers believe in our students. In addition, you will witness reteaching and patience in action each time you step into a classroom. Teachers are the most flexible workers I have ever seen. They take the changes in state mandated curriculum, the introduction of a new student in the middle of instruction, and schedule changes that occur almost weekly, and then they work most weekends and nights at home so that their students can carry on the next morning as if nothing has changed at all. It’s no wonder that those who do not teach sometimes think it is the easiest job on earth and anyone could do it. We know better because we live it and we love it by choice.

However, the greatest gift that I witness daily is that our White Oak Intermediate teachers NEVER GIVE UP. Even more importantly, they impart this message to each of their students. This is why the BEST things happen at White Oak Intermediate.


Confidence Bootcamp


Any measurable amount of success take a great level of commitment. Building the confidence of a child requires daily acts of kindness, encouragement, instruction, redirection, and praise. Our White Oak Intermediate teachers and staff are at the top of this educational personal trainer’s pyramid. We take those who may struggle with “three-pound-weight” tasks and make a commitment to build their confidence muscle to “power-lifting” status by the end of the year.


Be the Reason


This weekend some friends of mine attended their 50th class reunion. Those attending were not just classmates. A few of their teachers were also invited and honored to be able to attend to see and visit with their past students.

We are only two weeks into this school year, but already I see students walking into the building with a smile on their faces and an eagerness to see YOU, their teacher. What a privilege it is to have been called to teach. YOU truly are the reason for some of these young lives to smile each day. @Choose2Matter

YOU are the Heart


As we begin this school year, let us as teachers remember that we are the genius that motivates and facilitates the classroom. Never doubt yourself and your importance. You are the heart of the educational system.

White Oak Intermediate School is blessed to have each of you. #liberatinggenius

Do You Believe?

Kelli Cloud Barton

Drawn by Kelli Barton Cloud

We have a great number of talented students at White Oak, both past and present. Their talents are not limited to academics, arts, or athletics. Neither do their talents cease to make themselves known once these students graduate.  Kelli Cloud Barton is the daughter of Mark and Tammy Cloud. Mrs. Cloud was a teacher on our campus for several years. While Kelli has long since left our campus, married, and began her adult life, her artistic talent still amazes others. Kelli recently drew this picture and posted it on social media. It spoke to me then, and continues to speak to me now. It is a reminder that we owe it to our children to help each of them maintain belief on a daily basis. So…..Are you?

Share Yourself!


Never doubt for a second that you bring something special to the table. The students who walk into your life on a daily basis were placed there for a reason. Maybe that reason is that they have something to share with you that you need, or perhaps the reason is that you have something to share with them. By all means, claim your strengths, as well as your needs, and be ready to share yourself with others.