Let Us Introduce Ourselves

The beginning of the school year is quickly approaching. Most of our students, new and returning, have already registered and have received placement. You are sure to see some new faces this year in our staffing. Below you will find the names and faces of our entire intermediate staff. We invite our parents and students to click on the images and visit each staff member’s blog page. Go ahead and get to know us. We will get to know and love each of you very soon. Welcome to White Oak Intermediate.

Additional Registration Day Scheduled

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If you missed new student or returning student registration, we have arranged one additional day for you to get your child ready for the first day of school. Both primary and intermediate secretaries will be available on August 13th from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm to take the necessary documentation to enroll your child(ren).

Placement will not be made for students who have not registered.  We want all students to have the opportunity to Meet the Teacher on August 21st and to be able to walk into their new 2014-2015 classroom on the first day of school. So let’s get every student registered!

Returning Students Register – Wednesday and Thursday


Registration for RETURNING students ONLY will be Wednesday, August 6th, and Thursday, August 7th from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Parents who have completed the Required Online Registration will need to bring Proof of Residence. Acceptable documents include a current lease or a current utility bill in the parent’s name. Students will receive a placement letter once Proof of Residence is provided and Online Registration is completed.


Image: www.hisd.com

NEW STUDENT Only Registration

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Registration for NEW STUDENTS ONLY will be tomorrow in the elementary gym from 8:30-4:30. In order to register a new student, parents will need to have with them:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Student’s Social Security Card
  4. Shot Records
  5. Report Card from previous school if student is enrolling in 1st-5th grades
  6. PROOF OF RESIDENCE – Acceptable methods of proof: (1) current lease agreement or (2) current utility bill Other forms will not be accepted and placement will not be made without Proof of Residence. 


Challenging YOU to Build

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Summer is coming to a close and children are really getting bored by now. The recent rainy weather has not helped to relieve that feeling. The next time you hear, “There’s nothing to do around here!”, I’d like to challenge you to build with Chrome. Lego has partnered with Chrome to give children the opportunity to build online – train to become a master builder – if you will. The site starts them off with basic skill challenges and progressively moves through more difficult tasks. There are two options: (1) Build Academy Challenges and (2) Start Building for real beginners.

Before the building begins, you may want to Explore the Builds of others. They are marked on a world map with an icon that indicates what kind of build the student has created. When I zoomed into White Oak, I did not see one single icon. I would like to challenge you to put White Oak on the map with your amazing creations. JOIN ME AT BUILD WITH CHROME.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.57.59 AM


Revised Math TEKS Side-by-Side Comparison

In a recent email that I received from Lisa Mullins at Region 7, she had this to share:

“The Texas Education Agency recently sent a communication regarding new mathematics documents posted to Project Share. The site has new side-by-side documents for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry that provide a comparison between the current TEKS and the revised TEKS. The documents are located at http://projectsharetexas.org/resource/revised-mathematics-teks-side-side-teks-comparison.”

You may want to tag this page as these may be beneficial when editing math curriculum documents.

Boardmaker Makes it Easy


Boardmaker Achieve is a program that was invaluable last year as we were constructing classroom assessments for some of our students. More than 200,000 teachers come here to share their creations. Many of these activities are tied directly to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Take the time to search through the shared lessons here and then adapt them to your own classroom needs.

Online Registration Opens July 28th

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Online Registration opens Monday, July 28, 2014. The Online Registration process is REQUIRED for all returning WOISD students. Click the link below for step-by-step instructions to guide you in completing the Online Registration for your child(ren).

Online Registration Instructions

Online Registration must be completed before teacher placement will be given at In Person Registration. At least one parent must attend In Person Registration on August 6 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) or August 7 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM). Proof of Residency documentation must be presented at In Person Registration in order to complete the registration process. Acceptable forms of Proof of Residency are: Property Tax Receipts or Statements, Current Lease or Buyer Agreement, Current Utility Bill.

Did You Know?

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.21.29 AMDid you know that Scott Floyd posts links and articles (including step-by-step directions) to a blog entitled “Tech Tutorials” that are most helpful for our White Oak ISD staff? He is constantly on the watch for tools that will make a teacher’s life easier and more efficient. Subscribe to this blog with your email, and take the time to read his past posts. If you are interested in a particular topic, click on the page specific to that topic. Sometimes the best professional development is self-driven. Thank you, Mr. Floyd!

Online Registration for Students

2014-15 Back-to-School
REQUIRED Online Registration for Students
Will be performed via WOISD Skyward Family Access

Dear Parents,

The White Oak ISD Online Registration System allows parents and/or guardians to complete the majority of registration forms electronically, eliminating thousands of paper copies, saving parents’ time and increasing staff efficiency. Beginning July 28, families may begin the registration process through their WOISD Skyward Family Access account. Families may verify and update contact and emergency information for each child as well as complete required forms and review policies.

A Skyward Family Access account is necessary to complete the back-to-school Online Registration process for each child. Your one Family Access account will access all your children’s information on all campuses.
What should I do now?
Please access your account and verify that you have access to all of the children in your family. If you do not have access to all children, please contact the student’s campus.

How do I get a login and Password?
All parents should have received the login information for their Skyward Family Access account if they requested it at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, or if it was requested during the year. This same login and password will be used for Online Registration for the 2014-15 school year.

Which parent can complete the online registration process?
Either parent in the first family listed in Skyward Family Access can complete the online registration process. In joint custody situations, the parent listed in the second family may contact the campus registrar for a login and password to update their contact information; however, only a parent in the first family will be able to complete the full Online Registration process.

Will Online Registration take care of all paperwork?
Online Registration will take care of the majority of the paperwork. Proof of Residency documentation must be presented at In Person Registration in order to complete the registration process. Acceptable forms of Proof of Residency are: Property Tax Receipts or Statements, Current Lease or Buyer Agreement, Utility Bill. Automobile Insurance is NOT acceptable.

What do I do if I do not have access to a computer?
The Primary and Intermediate campuses will provide computers at In Person Registration in order to accommodate parents without computer access. Please make sure you bring your acceptable Proof of Residency documentation with you to In Person Registration.

To access Family Access/Online Registration:

Go to White Oak ISD’s website, www.woisd.net. Hover over the Resources tab; click on For Parents; then click on the Skyward Family Access link. Make sure that Family/Student Access is chosen in Login Area. Type in your Login ID and Password.

Once you have logged into your account, there are a few housekeeping items you will need to take care of before you are ready for the Required Online Registration.

1. Verify that you have access to all the children in your family by clicking the dropdown box located at the top of the page titled “Student”. lf you are unable to access all of your enrolled students, please call the campus office as soon as possible.

2. Enter your correct email address by clicking ‘Account Info” at the top right of screen. If the email address is incorrect, click the “Change My Email” box at the right and enter the correct address. Required Online Registration instructions will be emailed to this address during the week of July 21, 2104. (Instructions will also be posted online.)

Please call the Primary office (903-291-2160) or the Intermediate office (903-291-2101) if you have any questions or concerns. You may also email Pam Salter (Primary office) at [email protected] or Karen Drennan (Intermediate office) at [email protected]

Thank you and have a great summer!