Don't Get Testy!

The finish line is not given. It is earned.

Don't Get Testy!

Practicing and Remembering Multiplication Facts

If you have students who are having a difficult time memorizing multiplication facts, then this site may be just what you and your students are needing. is a site where students (and parents) can choose a specific fact that is proving difficult and listen to an audio and video story that will bring meaning to the math fact. Students can also take pre-test on facts, view tips and tricks for remembering facts, play games, and much more. Also, students can use this site to practice addition and subtraction skills. This site would made a GREAT Center during small group time.

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4th Grade Writing/5th Grade Math & Reading Benchmarks

Spring Benchmarks for fourth grade writing and fifth grade math and reading have been scheduled for the week of February 11 – 15. Benchmarks will be structured as closely to STAAR testing as possible in order to give our students an opportunity to experience a simulated testing environment equal to the rigor of state assessment dates. This will help students to be more successful in time management and give teachers an opportunity to observe and make any needed changes before the April assessments. Our students have worked hard this year, and we are proud of the progress of they have made.

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Third Six Weeks Report Cards Today

Just a reminder that report cards will come home today with your student. As always, you have access to all of your student’s grades as they are posted throughout the six weeks via Skyward. Use Family Access to receive weekly notifications of postings. For any questions about getting yourself set up, email Cheryl Hawthorne at

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Important News

(Photo Credit to Karen Drennan)

On Sunday, January 6, 2013 the White Oak ISD Board of Trustees will host a Town Hall Meeting to report and discuss the safety of our students, faculty and staff. The meeting will be held at the Judy C Meredith Secondary Food Services Building at 2:30 PM. A special invitation is extended to White Oak City Services Employees, Elected Officials and First Responders. The purpose of this meeting will be to report to all interested community members on the procedures and protocols in place at White Oak ISD, partnerships that are in place with the City of White Oak and areas that we are continually looking at for improvement. There will be an opportunity for members of the community to ask questions and express their concerns. Questions concerning the policies and operation of the district will be directed to the superintendent. The board will convene as a corporate body to add to the discussion as deemed necessary by the Board President. Many if not all of our District Leadership team will be in attendance as well as members of the faculty and staff.

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Box Top Stocking Winners

We collected hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of Box Tops from PreK-5th grade students during this holiday promotion. Today a boy and a girl from both Primary and Intermediate grades were drawn from the Box Top submitted. The Primary Box Top Stocking Winners were Graycen S. and Ethan W. The Intermediate Box Top Stocking Winners were Kailyn T. and Daniel W.

Congratulations to these students and a huge thank you to all students who brought in Box Tops to help our school. Be sure to watch for our next promotion and start saving those Box Tops!

(Created by Pam Cranford via Instagram)
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Coin War Results

The coins and bills have been counted, and the results of the Coin War are in. Mrs. Pat Wayt, TAPS representative, was on hand this morning during our assembly to receive the total amounts raised by the intermediate students. That total was a record breaking amount of $1,443.00. Appropriately, the character trait this month was Compassion. Our students certainly proved that they understood the implications of this character trait by their giving. Only $10.30 separated the first and second place finishers with Third Grade taking first place, Fifth Grade taking second place, and Fourth Grade taking third place.

Mrs. Brenda Lawrence then spoke to the group and thanked each student and staff member for the compassion shown to her and others during their recent times of need. The students honored Mrs. Lawrence with a standing ovation.

In addition, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Hunter, and Mr. McBride’s classes presented a student skit on Compassion.

Other awards given included Six Weeks Rewards for R2W and behavior, student recognition for Acts of Compassion, and the first time ever, Golden Mitt Award, went to “Chef” Billy McBride for his unique pumpkin pie recipe.

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Christmas Party Information

Christmas Parties for Primary and Intermediate will take place on the last day of school prior to the holidays. Party and Early Dismissal Schedules for both campuses are listed below:

  • December 21st, Friday – PRIMARY PARTIES 9:00-10:00
  • December 21st, Friday – INTERMEDIATE PARTIES – 3rd & 4th 9:00-10:00/5th 9:30-10:30
  • Staff will leave at 12:00



*PER DISTRICT POLICY- All food that is brought in needs to be store bought, no home made goodies. If you have a child with a peanut allergy in your class you will need to let your classroom parents know. You can not tell which student because of confidentiality, but just share that there is a peanut allergy in the class and that all products must be peanut free.

The office will be sending out a note to parents asking if they are planning on attending the class party. If they are planning to attend and already have their license scanned we will pre-print their badges for the party so they do not have to wait in a very long line. This is to ensure the safety of our students.

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Complete This Sentence…


All I want for Christmas is…………. at

It will be interesting to see what is high demand this year. Please participate so that we have a lot of data.

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WOEF Grants Awarded to Teachers

The White Oak Education Foundation awarded teacher grants in the gymnasium Tuesday morning. Several teachers were chosen, but the grant that received the greatest response was the $25,000 Playground Grant submitted by Coach Mary Underwood.

Also receiving grants on the elementary campuses were:

  • Kim Sharp
  • Amy Wingo
  • Barbara Corbell
  • First Grade Teachers
  • Stephanie Hunter
  • Eden Owens
  • Maknzy Oney
  • Fourth Grade Teachers
  • Shaynee Elder
  • Sarah Maines
  • Rhonda Bybel

Congratulations to all, and thank you, White Oak Education Foundation!

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Report Cards TUESDAY


Due to the Thanksgiving Holidays, we will not be in class on Thursday which is the typical report card day. Please watch for these report cards to come home on Tuesday for this six weeks period.


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