I Believe


On the campuses of White Oak ISD, you will see the word “Believe” in several locations. I see it in gymnasiums, hanging over the thresholds of doorways, and even on the backs of teachers’ cars in the parking lot. There is no doubt that our teachers believe in our students. In addition, you will witness reteaching and patience in action each time you step into a classroom. Teachers are the most flexible workers I have ever seen. They take the changes in state mandated curriculum, the introduction of a new student in the middle of instruction, and schedule changes that occur almost weekly, and then they work most weekends and nights at home so that their students can carry on the next morning as if nothing has changed at all. It’s no wonder that those who do not teach sometimes think it is the easiest job on earth and anyone could do it. We know better because we live it and we love it by choice.

However, the greatest gift that I witness daily is that our White Oak Intermediate teachers NEVER GIVE UP. Even more importantly, they impart this message to each of their students. This is why the BEST things happen at White Oak Intermediate.


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