Mistakes are Welcomed Here


The teachers at White Oak Intermediate have gone through two years of Angela Maiers’ on-site training, as well as had an opportunity to participate in Mitzi Neely’s book study of Angela Maiers’ book. I want to take just a moment to remind all of our teachers that YOU MATTER.

We are nearing the end of the first nine weeks period, and no matter how much planning and preparation, mistakes are destined to be made. Remember when we called these “teachable moments?” Well, they still are, and we need to embrace these. How can we liberate our genius without some failures? Nothing works perfectly on the first attempt. Check your history books if you think this is a false statement.

So the next time you read negative comments and attacks on your profession all over social media, whether personal or generalized to the entire teaching profession, do not be discouraged at the lack of respect given to your passion or efforts. Remember: (1)You are the one in the classroom with over twenty young minds, all at different academic and behavioral levels. (2)You are the one to whom they look for guidance and knowledge. (3)You have much to contribute to this invaluable task. (4)You are allowed to make mistakes because you are #liberatinggenius


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