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Pamela Cranford
Longview, Texas 75604



I have been an active participant in the field of education at White Oak School for the past thirty-eight years during which time I have had the privilege of teaching grades K through 5th. I currently serve as the Testing Coordinator and Response to Intervention Case Manager for the Intermediate campus. I also maintain the Intermediate school blog pages, the White Oak Intermediate Facebook page, and work with several classrooms teaching how to incorporate technology into core subjects. My high interest and development in the area of Technology has led to additional leadership roles including instructional website design to all district staff, leader of parental involvement in online Class Server lessons, publisher, teacher trainer, campus administrator of Moodle courses for elementary students, instructional tech assistance to intermediate staff, and presenter of Web2.0 facilities on a statewide and international scope. My approach to challenges is one of enthusiasm, self-motivation, and confidence. Each day brings new growth for me as a person because I have been given a great opportunity to touch such impressionable lives. I did not choose education as my first field of study. However, I am so blessed that Education chose me instead. I have posted my curriculum vitae below to give you more insight into my background.
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Blink and the future becomes the present. That is how quickly technology is overtaking our out-dated methodologies, and I want to be a part of that takeover. Just a few years ago, our superintendent voiced his desire that all teachers have functional websites, and I quickly accepted that vision as a personal challenge to see that our campus became the first to achieve this goal which we did.   In an effort to move even further forward, our curriculum director and campus principal encouraged teachers to establish classroom blogs. On the sound advice of the technology department heads for me to lead by example, my team teacher and I started our classroom blog, the first on our campus, on February 2, 2009, with our eight special education students. To date, we have had over 50,000 page views, visitors from over 220 countries, and educational offers to collaborate with international classrooms in Russia, Canada, Ireland, and Australia. We were international competitors in the “Blog Challenge09” hosted by Mrs. Wyatt, a 6/7 teacher in Australia and Sue Waters, The Edublogger, and won the 2009 Edubloggers Award. To publicize our blog to the general education populations, we hung a six-foot map along with flags from the countries with whom we blog and also designed our own blog t-shirts to wear every Thursday so that other classrooms would know that we are reading other elementary blogs and leaving comments all over the world. We have learned to use a translator to communicate in Spanish with students in Portugal. Our small numbers are connecting to tens of thousands of other students. The classroom walls for us are gone, and we sit across the table from the world. As a direct result of our initiative, our campus teachers have each added new blogs as we move toward global communication, and as one of the network administrators, I am responsible for the individual student blogs being created as students enter third grade. This blog URL will become their e-portfolio and follow them throughout their high school years and on into college. We have eagerly collaborated in five of Jennifer Wagner’s online Projects by Jen. My class participated with nine states and another country in a collective, simultaneous Skype reading of the Gettysburg Address and immediately followed that reading by posing questions to students across the world, learning by teaching, a skill not often experienced by special education students in a general education classroom. Our most recent math collaboration included over 4,700 students from 45 states and Canada. Our podcasts and Student Work illustrate the pride we take in our studies. Further efforts to incorporate technology brought me to establish a Moodle Course for our campus, The VIEW, which offers elementary students access to virtual destinations and information otherwise never experienced and assesses that knowledge providing immediate feedback in all core subjects. My team teachers and I also worked with the campus librarian to renovate the theater room across from my classroom into the “Collaboration Station”. This room housed an interactive Eno board system, RM wireless tablet with specific subject toolbars, five collaboration stations, and a 22″ iMac for teachers to use with their students. Plans to use such technology will hopefully ignite creative ideas for global connectivity. The integration of technology has already replaced the methodologies in my special education classroom, and I feel compelled to spread this viral movement beyond the scope of my walls and my small number of students. Justly so, I can say that my career objective/goal is to open the world to other teachers so that they too are infected with how technology will enhance all learning and present educational opportunities that can never be completely addressed through a textbook.

My current position has placed me into a role where I can readily be available to the classroom teachers to facilitate and model the use of technology in the curriculum as well as continue to work with Special Ed students. Each day presents exciting and fulfilling possibilities. The computer lab teacher and I have hosted an After Hours Help, or AHH Time, where we made ourselves available to classroom teachers in a collaborative effort to establish their classroom blogs or build Moodle lessons. Last year we switched those sessions over to IHOP, I’m Hooked On Playing, in order to give teachers time to experiment, learn, and play with new tools, browsers, applications, and ideas. I am convinced that teachers and students must become proficient users of technology with automaticity and explore the unlimited possibilities that Web 2.0 brings. This year we are are immersing our teachers in Google Classroom and hopefully creating motivation to bring this valuable tool into their own classroom. Yes, during this time, I will blink often.
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Those who know me will tell you that I can be found updating websites, blogging, sending emails, making tutorial videos, sharing apps, or helping out other teachers via iChat, Twitter, or Facebook at almost any time of the day or night. Every opportunity which presents itself also brings a chance to learn something new, and with every learning opportunity, I feel like my life is enhanced bringing me closer to fulfilling my purpose. I have been blessed in my life with three wonderful children who have loving families and successful careers. I am enveloped in the lives of my fourteen grandchildren and value the experiences and memories that time allows us store up. Not only do I want to encourage my family, friends, and co-workers to be life-long learners, but I personally want those same goals for my special education students as well. Where will my students be twenty years from now? Always cognitive of the handicaps they must overcome on a daily basis, I believe it is my responsibility to help each individual with the skills needed to hold his/her head high in a sometimes hurtful, misunderstanding world, to not be confined by limits, but to look for opportunity in challenging situations. In every test, I would want my students to search for a single question they thought they could answer and to know that when they score, they score much bigger compared to others who have more. My personal objective/goal is that the learning never stops.
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Bachelors of Science – Interdisciplinary Studies, March, 1993
University of Texas – Tyler
Summa Cum Laude, Honors Graduate, Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society of Educators,
Alpha Chi National Honor Society

Associates of Applied Arts and Sciences, August 1992
Kilgore College
Honors Graduate, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity, Gamma Omicron Chapter

Valedictorian, May, 1972
White Oak High School

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Elementary English Grades 01-08
Elementary Reading Grades 01-08
Elementary Self-Contained Grades 01-08
Generic Special Education Grades PK-12

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Testing Coordinator, White Oak Intermediate School
Response to Intervention Case Manager – White Oak Intermediate School
Special Education Mentor

Instructional Tech Mentor to Intermediate Staff
Moodle Course Administrator
GAFE /Gmail Campus Administrator
504 Coordinator

**Job Responsibilities: State Assessment Management for 3rd, 4th, & 5th,  Chairperson for all Student Success Team meetings, Progress Monitoring of RtI students, DMAC RtI input, 504 Chairperson for intermediate students, Instructional Technology assistance for staff, Faculty Blog design, Campus Facebook Fan Page administrator, Facilitate parental involvement and communication, Design of online topics/lessons/quizzes in all core areas of instruction for Moodle Online Courses.


Unleashing Student Creativity Using Google Sheets  – TCEA Austin, February 6 Smashing Design Game Creation – TCEA Austin, February 7

DMAC 101 – WOISD PLC, October 4
Power Up with Google Drive – WOISD PLC, January 25
Power Up with Google Drive – TCEA Austin, February 8
Knowing is the Key – TCEA Austin, February 9

Knowing is the Key – TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference White Oak, June 10
Married to Your Job? – TCEA Austin, February 4
Frozen? Let it Go and Connect with Your Students – TCEA Austin, February 4
Google Maps/Views-DIY StreetView – TCEA Austin, February 4
Do You Symbaloo? – TCEA Austin, February 3

Married to Your Job? – TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference White Oak, June 12
Married to Your Job? – Tech Palooza Gladewater, June 3
App Crackle Pop – TCEA 2-4-15
Bilingual 1:1 – TCEA Academy 2-3-15
App Smashing iPad Academy – TCEA 2-2-15
IHOP-Gmail 1-22-15
IHOP-Google Drive 1-21-15
IHOP-Gmail 1-13-15

IHOP-Macbook Shortcuts 11-17-14
IHOP-Macbook Shortcuts 11-13-14
IHOP-Macbook Shortcuts 11-12-14
IHOP-Edmodo Snapshot 10-28-14
IHOP-Fall Project in Animoto 10-20-14
IHOP-Animation with Keynote 10-14-14
IHOP-Keys of Keynote 10-13-14
IHOP-Thinking Outside the Smilebox 10-9-14
IHOP-Edmodo Groups 10-7-14
IHOP-Edmodo 10-1-14
IHOP-Chrome Apps and Extensions 9-23-14
IHOP-Dress Up Your Chrome 9-22-14
IHOP-Get Your Chrome On 9-16-14
Spotlight Saturday Classroom 2.0 August 9, 2014
PD Pros Symbaloo Webinar – April 1, 2014
App Crackle Pop White Oak PLC – February 26, 2014
TCEA Warning: Inspiration Imminent – Presenter – Austin -February,2014
Are You Married to Your Job? White Oak PLC – January 29, 2014

Symbaloo My Appy Place – Extreme Makeover Tech Edition – Region 7 – Presenter – November 5
Symbaloo Poster Presentation – ISTE – San Antonio – June 23-27
TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference – Presenter – June 14
Symbaloo My Appy Place – Tots & Technology – Galveston – June 11
Follow the BOUNCE – N Ball – Tots & Technology – Galveston – June 10
PLC Copyright Encore – Presenter – White Oak ISD – April 16
Hawkins Professional Development – Presenter – Hawkins ISD – April 8
SXSW Presentation – Presenter – Austin – March 4-8
PLC Day Three CopyRight or Wrong? – Presenter – February 27
TCEA Symbaloo – Presenter – Austin – February 5
TCEA iSpy QR Codes – Presenter – Austin – February 5
RtI Component DMAC – Region 7 – Presenter – January 9

L.I.T.E. Region 10 Tech Conference – Presenter – Mount Pleasant – October 30
St. Joseph’s iPad Training – Presenter – Marshall – October 23
PLC Day One – Symbaloo – Presenter – September 19
RtI Staff Training – Presenter – August 24
Virtual Clusters – Region 7 -August 13th (1) Accommodation Station (2) RtI Common Vocabulary (3) STAAR Data (4) DMAC Update
Classroom 2.0 LIVE – Featured Teacher – Presenter – Symbaloo – June 16, 2012
TCEA Tots and Technology Presenter – I Spy a QR Code – June 11, 2012
TCEA Area 7 Conference Presenter – Session 1&2 – Tech Tools – June 8, 2012
TCEA Area 7 Conference Presenter – I Spy a QR Code – June 8, 2012
Staff Professional Development Presenter – Tech Speed Dating – May 31, 2012
TCEA CampSIG Past President
Campus Testing Coordinator’s Training – Region 7 – February 13, 2012
TCEA Presenter – Love at First Byte, Austin, Texas – February 9, 2012
TCEA Presenter – Web 2.0 No Financial Limits, Austin, Texas – February 8, 2012
TCEA Presenter – Having a Blog Moment, Austin, Texas – February 7, 2012
District Testing Coordinator Training – Region 7 – January 13, 2012

TCEA CampSIG President
Accommodation and Special Education Assessment – TETN Region 7 – October 13, 2011
Marzano Training – White Oak ISD – August 1-2, 2011
Moodle Training Presenter – Marshall ISD – July 25-29, 2011
Moodle Training Presenter – Bullard ISD – July 1, 2011
TCEA Tots and Technology Presenter – It’s a Small World: Building a Global Community – June 13-14, 2011
TCEA Area 7 Presenter – CSI Moodle – White Oak, June 20, 2011
iPad in Education Presenter – Region 7 – Kilgore
TCEA BYOD Presenter – Teaching with Web 2.0: No Financial Limits – Austin, Texas February 9, 2011
TCEA BYOD Presenter M.E.A.T. – Austin, Texas  February 9, 2011
TCEA Moodle Academy Panel Discussion – Austin, Texas  February 8, 2011
TATN Presenter iTeach New TEKS – Austin, Texas February 8, 2011
TCEA MoodleMoot Academy Presenter Moodle PreK-5: Sweeter Than Chocolate – Austin, Texas, February 7, 2011
TCEA MoodleMoot Academy Presenter CSI: Moodle – Austin, Texas, February 7, 2011

TCEA CampSIG Vice-President
Tech Forum Presenter – Austin, Texas, November 5, 2010
John O’Leary – Spring Hill Auditorium
RtI Training – Presenter – August 17, 2010
More Skyward Training – July 21, 2010
Presenter – Moodle – MEATT – Linden Kildare – Ann Smith, Contact – 8-10-10
Skyward Training – White Oak
Outside the Box – Presenter Jennifer Wagner – White Oak
TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference – White Oak
Presenter – TATN – Stuck in the Moodle with You – Austin, Texas
Presenter – TCEA – MiniMoot – Austin, Texas
Presenter – TCEA MoodleMoot – Fort Worth, Texas

Educators Leadership Council, TEA – Austin, Texas
Region 8 ESC – Moodle – Mount Pleasant, Texas
RTI Flip Charts, Moodle, School Procedures – August 20, 2009
Study Island/AR Tech Support – August 19, 2009
ELA New TEKS – August 19, 2009
Identity Theft – August 19, 2009
Electronic Portfolios – August 18, 2009
Tutt & Daggs – August 17, 2009
Principal Orientation – August 17, 2009

Presenter, Texarkana ISD Inservice – Texarkana, Texas
Presenter, Blogging in the Classroom – White Oak, Texas
Instructor, Technology Summer Camp for Intermediate Students
Grades 3, 4, and 5

Presenter, Region 8 ESC – Mt. Pleasant, Texas
Presenter, Area 7 Technology Conference – White Oak, Texas
Presenter, TATN – Probe, Dig, Find
Using PDF Documents Together with Online Databases
Austin, Texas

Presenter, TCEA Session-Web 2.0 in the Special Education Classroom
Austin, Texas

Presenter, Web Design Summer Workshop
Presenter, Confidentiality & RtI

Chairman, Special Educational Accountability Team

Project Manager, Region VII Inclusion Project Grant
Trainer/Presenter, Texas Behavior Support Initiative
Presenter, Confidentiality/Referral Process

Supervising Mentor, Region VII Certification Program

Special Education Coordinator, White Oak Intermediate School
Response to Intervention Case Manager, White Oak Intermediate School
Instructional Tech Mentor to Intermediate Staff
Moodle Course Administrator
**Job responsibilities: academic evaluation and design of IEPs in all core areas, annual ARD meetings, re-evaluation assessment, scheduling, monitoring mainstreamed and inclusion students, chair Student Success Team meetings, progress monitoring of RtI students, DMAC RtI input, instructional technology assistance for staff, facilitate parental involvement and communication, design of online topics/lessons/quizzes in all core areas of instruction.

Third Grade Line Coach
Technology Applications Readiness Grants for Empowering Texas (TARGET)

Content Mastery Lab/Special Education Teacher
**Job responsibilities: Organized and implemented the Content Mastery Lab for general education elementary grades K-5, taught resource classes, wrote and published online Class Server lessons.

Dyslexia Therapy Instruction
Scottish-Rite Hospital

Special Education/Title I/Gifted and Talented Teacher

Special Education/Elementary Fine Arts Teacher

Computer Writing Lab/Gross Motor Teacher


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Robinette Resources

Domestic Facilitator, or
Stay-at-Home Mom

Dickinson & Harrison Insurance

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Morale Gals Member
Personal Leadership Community Member
Interview Committee
Student Success Team Chairman
Special Education Accountability
Campus Leadership Team
Intervention Team
Educational Improvement Committee
Inclusion Project
Student Success Team

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STAAR Alt2 Training – Region 7, February 23
Walking Through STAAR Online – Region 7, February 16
CTC Training – Region 7, January 22nd

TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference – June 9th
Region 7 DTC Training – January 23rd
PLC WOISD – January 25th

504 Update, Region 7 – October 2nd
STAAR A/Alt 2 TETN TEA Updates, Region 7 – September 17th

EdCamp East Texas – August 5th
TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference – June 12th
Tech Palooza – June 3rd

TCEA Lunch and Learn Webinars
White Oak ISD PLC – February 25th
CTC Training – Region 7, February 9th
TCEA Convention – Feb. 2-6
White Oak ISD PLC – January 28th

RtI Training December 2nd
Special Ed Training STAAR A Region 7 – September 24-25
DMAC Webinar Region 7 – September 8th
DMAC WEbinar Region 7 – August 26th
White Oak PLC – February 26th
TCEA 2014 Conference – Austin – Feb.3-7
Campus Testing Coordinator Training – Region 7 – February 14th
White Oak PLC – January 29th
STAAR ALT Training – Region 7 – January 13th

2013 –
STAAR ALT Module 4 – September 25
STAAR ALT Module 3 – September 19
STAAR ALT Module 2 – September 9
STAAR ALT Module 1 – September 9
CHAMPS Training – WOISD – August 19
MOODLE Inservice – WOISD – August 20
GT Training Region 7 – August 21
ISTE – San Antonio – June 22-27
TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference – WOISD – June 14
TCEA Tots and Technology – Galveston – June 9-11
PLC Day Four – Copyright or Wrong Encore Presentation – April 16
PLC Day Three – Copyright or Wrong – February 27
CTC Training – Mitzi Neely – February 22
DTC Training – Region 7 – January 23
Classroom 2.0 “Using iPads for Teaching and Learning – Joe Dale – January 12
DMAC Update Training – Region 7 – January 9

2012 –
PLC Day Two – iMovie – October 17
TCEA Officers Training – Austin – September 19
Eric Jensen Teaching with Poverty in Mind – August 21, 2012
Dr. Helen Barrett – e-Portfolios August 20, 2012
SYMBALOO EDU Certification – June, 2012
TCEA Webinar – Recharge your Batteries – Kevin Honeycutt – June 19, 2012
TCEA Webinar – Amazing Websites for Elementary Students – June 6, 2012
TCEA Tots and Technology – June 11-12, 2012
TCEA Area 7 Tech Conference – June 8, 2012
PBL Training – June 5-7, 2012
PBL Leader Training – June 4, 2012
Project Based Learning/Professional Learning Community – May 31, 2012
Region VII – Campus Coordinator Training – February 13, 2012
TCEA Austin Conference – February 5-9, 2012
Region VII – District Testing Coordinator Training – January 18, 2012

Region VII – STAAR Training – October 15, 2011
Marzano Training – August 1 & 2, 2011
Area 7 Tech Conference – June 9, 2011
TCEA Tots and Technology – June 13-14, 2011
RtI Training with Dr. Ogonosky – June 1 – White Oak
DMAC Training with Region 7 – June 15 – White Oak
Region 7 District Test Coordinator Training – Kilgore, Texas
TCEA Area 7 Leading with iPad, Lori Gracey, Trainer – White Oak, Texas

2010 Skyward Training – 2Days – White Oak, Texas
Region 7 District Test Coordinator Training – Kilgore, Texas
District Campus Coordinator Training – January, 2011 – White Oak, Texas

RtI Webinar :: Area 7 Technology Conference – White Oak, Texas :: Moodle Training 3rd Grade ::

TCEA Summer Workshop – Bullard, Texas
CLASS/Bridges Web Training
TETN-Special Education Assessments I & II
TAKS-ALT Updates Training I & II
Project Wild – TPWD
Math Alignment CPE
Setting Goals and Team Building

Texas Behavior Support Initiative Statewide Conference
Response to Intervention for Behavior Issues
Capturing Kids’ Hearts – The Flippen Group
TAKS-ALT Modules

Positive Approaches to Discipline
SUPERnet Consortium: Lights, Camera, Action
TAKS-ALT Online Training Modules I, II, III, & IV – Region VII
TAKS-ALT Technology Training – Region VII
Galveston Island Summer Institute
TBSI Online Course – Region VII

Modeling Math with Manipulatives
Inclusion Works State Conference
Three-Tiered Model
Boys in Crisis-Paul Slocumb

IEP Process
ARD Decision Making Training
New Test Coordinator Training
Coping with High Stakes Testing
Technology Training
AIMS Digital Program
Shirley Crook Data
Sensitivity Training
Rick Lavoie 4-Day Workshop LD/ADHD Students
Curriculum Based Management
GT Integration of Technology into the Classroom
Writing for Elementary Special Education Students

Texas Behavior Support Initiative Phase II SB1196
Quality Designs for Instruction: Together is Better
Correlation of SOI to the TEKS
Strategies to Improve Reading Scores
Differentiated Instruction: Learn it, Teach it!

Instructional Leadership Development
Third Grade Reading Academy
TEKS for Special Education Teachers
Crisis Prevention Intervention
Differentiating Instruction Strategies that Work
Master Teacher

First Grade Reading Academy
Second Grade Reading Academy
State Developed Alternative Assessment Training
A Framework for Understanding Poverty

New Jersey Writing Project

Kindergarten Reading Academy
TEKStar Training
Intervention Team Training

Dyslexia Therapy Training

Structure of Intellect Theory Trainer
Bridges Lab

Problem Solving/Parent Communication
Inclusion and Adapted Instruction
Principles of Design

Sharing Primary Units that Work
Tough Kids Behavior Series
Depressed Kids Behavior

____________________________________________________________________RenderedImage (16)

Great Texas Balloon Races Volunteer

IHOP – I’m Hooked On Playing (After hours Tech Instructions for Teachers)
AHH – After Hours Help
Technology Assistance for Teachers in Need of Answers

American Cancer Society – Beaded Believers2 Team
Relay for Life

Monster Truck Nationals Volunteer
Longview Parks and Recreation

Disability Services of the Southwest
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Member 1967 – Present

Vacation Bible School Teacher
Sonshine Children’s Choir Director

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2012 TCEA Instructional Technologist Specialists of the Year
2009 ISTE Teacher of the Year Nominee
2009 Roughneck Award
2009 Texas Computer Education Association Classroom Teacher of the Year
2008 GLOBE Teacher of the Year
2006 Who’s Who Among Professional Women Teachers of Special Education
2005 Disney Hand Teacher Award Nominee
2005-2008 White Oak Education Foundation Grant Recipient
2004 GSN Online Shared Learning Award Nominee
2003 Nomination to Educator Committee by Student Assessment Division of the TEA
1995-2007 White Oak PTO Grant Recipient

RenderedImage (18)
ATPE Membership
TCEA Membership
ISTE Membership
CampusSIG Membership
Campus Technology Specialists Group 2012
Strategic Open Source Special Interest Group 2012
Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group 2012
CampSIG Past President – 2012
CampSIG President – 2011
Campus Technology Specialists Group 2011
Strategic Open Source Special Interest Group 2011
Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group 2011
TCEA CampSIG – Vice President 2010
ISTE/NECC Member 2009
ATPE Member 1999 – Present
Texas Computer Educators Association 2006 – Present
TSTA Member 1984 – 1998

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